The Baseball Boys Get An Upgrade


Dacey Cervantes, Reporter

Lelu, Isaiah, and Dacey taking a short selfie break before finishing the sketch.

Coach Echols was able to score a great room for the baseball team to come hang out and do homework, right across the hall from his room. In honor of the team, three artists, Lelu Morong, a senior, Isaiah Duron, a junior, and myself were chosen to incorporate the team’s logos into the room. With some extra hands and time, the Gatos logo and the baseball t-shirt came to life with blue and red paint. They were given two different logos to paint on the walls and with the time of three weeks and constant working, the logos were done and ready to be shown to the team.

Gatos Logo

This new and improved room will consist of a computer (for homework), a couch, a fridge, microwave, toaster, ping pong table, wiffle ball net, lockers for the coaches’ things, and hooks for all the boys bats, helmets and other equipment. The logos were stressful and very time consuming, but after seeing the final product they were completely worth it and it made the room more homey for the boys. Mr. Echols expressed his excitement for the finished product with the words, “I love it. It looks awesome.”

Dacey starting to bring the baseball team shirts to life

The team members are excited and love how their new room is coming out. Even though it was a few weeks in the making, the reveal and finishing touches were worth the wait. They finally have their own space just for them with their touch to it. Lelu says, “As Dacey and I being seniors, we wanted to make our time here last longer than we were actually here and mean more.”