Meet Ms. Schlecht


Nevaeh Castro, Beat investigator

The Activities Office has a new face to greet students.  With Ms. Genung moving over to the counseling office, Andrea Schlecht eased right into the position. Ms. Schlecht is a true Tucsonan – born right at TMC and and a graduate of Tucson High School, Class of 1993. As a teen, she was involved in Student Council but was also on the soccer team.  She is one of three siblings, with one older brother as well as a younger one. Before coming to be a part of the Cougar community, Ms. Schlecht worked at Young Life, a mentor organization and support system specifically for high school students.

She started as the activities office assistant just a few weeks ago, therefore she is very new to Cougar life. Her favorite part of the school day so far for her is seeing all of the high school students interact with one another. With not a long history of attendance here at Sahuaro, Ms. Schlecht can already say that she enjoys  helping staff, students, and other teachers. On her free time, she loves going to the movies often, as well as taking occasional hikes with her family.

As a teen, she wasn’t really a party person only because it wasn’t her crowd, instead she liked hanging out with her group of friends as well as spending quality time with them.

“Whats one quote you’d want to tell the upcoming graduates of this year?”

“Forget what you give and remember what you take,” she said.

Ms. Schlecht believes that we don’t want to focus on the things that we give because when we give from our heart, that’s when it means the most. We also want to remember where we came from and the people who helped us become who we are today, and who we will be in the future.