Top 10 Pokemon Ever

Top 10 Pokemon Ever

Brendon Davis, Beat Investigator

With the new Pokemon Sword and Shield out, I’ve been thinking about some of the MOST superior pokemon.

The BEST, Psyduck

Number 1: Psyduck (#54)

The best little duck to ever exist in any videogame/anime franchise ever. I’d literally die for him.

Number 2: Chimchar (#390)


Chimchar is one of the first Pokemon that I ever started playing with. Fire types are already so amazing, but this one has emotional value too! (plus it’s ultra-cute)


Number 3: Flareon (#136)

Eevee’s fire type evolution is so cute! Plus it’s pretty powerful, but between us, I like it more for how adorable it is.

Number 4: Gastly (#92)


Gastly is a ghost type and has a rather good stats. Its base stat total is 310 and has a high speed which is what I enjoy the most when catching and using a pokemon.

Galarian Ponyta

Number 5: Galarian Ponyta (#77)
Pokemon S & S came out with new type/look variations of Pokemon. They took the Gen 1 ponyta and changed it from Fire to Psychic. While I already liked Ponyta, they went and made it even better and cuter.

Number 6: Azelf (#482)


Not sure why I like this one so much. Its a legendary pokemon and is pretty sweet. I think I like the most because I got a rare Japanese card of it and it looks pretty neat.


Number 7: Snorlax (#143)

Snorlax is such a little baby. All they do is eat and sleep, personally? Me too. They’re so cool and honestly, just like psyduck, I’d die for them.

Number 8: Togepi (#175)


Togepi is an adorable fairy type and has a rather basic base stat of 245 but its cuteness makes up for it.


Number 9: Mimikyu (#778)

Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type and has pretty good stats. I find it’s back story is pretty interesting. It looks the way it does because it wants to mimic Pikachu so it can get more attention.

Number 10: Salazzle (#757)


Man, She is just so darn cute.


Overall, I like a lot of Pokemon based off looks, but you got to admit that they’re pretty adorable. My favorite type is definitely fire, but Pokemon of all kinds are pretty neat. Pokemon is a fun game and I have enjoyed it for a while. I’m so hyped to be able to play the newest game.