Why the Tesla Cybertruck is the Next Mustang


Source: NBC News

Calvin Mueller, Headline News Editor

To put it simply–automotive design nowadays is… boring. Cars all look the same, it’s basically the copying homework memes, but in real life. So, when Elon Musk started talking about how the design of the pickup truck has been the same for over 150 years, I got a little excited. But a quick background before I dive into the realm of automotive design: my first word was “car”. I was able to determine the type of car that was on the road from just the headlights or the shape. I was a car encyclopedia at like five years old. I have grown away from cars, but I still keep up with them, just not as religiously as I used to. I have no clue how a car works internally either, but there is one thing I know very well: automotive design. You could say I’m a car critic, but just for the exterior. So, when the Cybertruck was unveiled (and took the world by storm) it puzzled and ridiculed automotive experts. I was naturally intrigued and had an opinion. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. I remember texting friends talking about the ugliness of the design, and how I had drawn a strikingly similar car…. in 4th grade. Not only that, but it’s supposed “shatterproof” glass shattered on stage… twice. I laughed, like the majority ridiculing the truck and went to bed feeling pretty good.

Well it wasn’t that hard. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It was a simple question that changed my mind about the now famed Cybertruck: what else is there similar to it? Well, I can answer that for you, nothing. There is absolutely nothing like it. Not even another Tesla. That is what makes it amazing.  What other car or truck, has absolutely no curves? None. What other car or truck has marble in the interior? None. A truck that can do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds? Unheard of. All of this while being electric?

You’d think Elon Musk is a madman, a genius madman. He knew that the Cybertruck would be revolutionary and it’s going to be. You see, I view it exactly as how the Ford Mustang or Volkswagen Beetle was first released, people were unsure, then they went crazy for them. We’ve seen it with Tesla already, like when they released the Model X.

Source: Tesla

Now the Model X is everywhere. The Cybertruck, with its gleaming straight-edge angels, is the car of the future. I can see that car towering down a city street, in a post-apocalyptic dismal authoritarian ruled world or in a completely energy renewable San Francisco. That’s the duality and that’s the functionality of it. It’s remarkable. The Cybertruck is like your rebellious older brother and it’s not playing games anymore.