Sahuaro’s Safety Committee


Winta Tekle, Sahuaro

With the influx of fights and aggression on Sahuaro’s campus, it seems like it’s a problem with no solution. But Sahuaro’s School Safety Committee, made up of our very own students, are targeting it head first with empathy and problem solving.

The established committee met with Principal Estrella to discuss the reason why suspensions happen, who they disproportionately target the most, and what the Sahuaro’s student body can do to remedy the problem. The plan is simple: kids who are suspended are to meet with the Committee and talk about what brought them to the point of said altercation. From there, it’s required they also attend our social club, where we talk and chill.

Outside of the committee, the school safety committee also plans on the creation of a social club. The club is invite-only, and rewarded to people who we see fit. Gianni Martinez, Junior, and president of the Committee, built this club from the ground up. “I believe that it’ll work because at the end of the day, student-to-student communication is more effective than student-to-teacher. They’ll open up to us more rather than admin because we understand better.”

Nousha Aldhefery, Junior, reiterates, saying, “If there is one kid out there who’s been through the same situations as me, I can help them channel their anger in different ways. We all have different personalities for every student that needs it.”

We hope that this club is able to bring change onto Sahuaro’s campus by providing alternative outlets to talk about aggression instead of taking other means, like fighting.