No Cap About Miss Hoyt

Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

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There are lots of new Cougars on campus this year and US and AP World History teacher, Miss Hoyt, is quickly becoming a Sahuaro favorite.  She brings in hands-on activities to help her students learn about history, and does it well. She loves to learn new and appropriate slang from her students and uses it on the daily. “There is no cap in my rap” is a pretty popular one she uses. Hoyt loves history, and how it’s filled with pretty awesome people. She enjoys talking about the industrial revolution, and her classes are looking at that topic this week. She wrote her senior thesis for her Bachelor’s Degree on public lands studies, and is excited to work with the content again.

If Miss Hoyt could have one superpower, it would to be able to avoid getting cavities, so she could be able to eat any amount of sweets however much she wanted. Her choices would be lots and lots of candy, doughnuts, cookies, pop tarts, churros, ice cream, pastries, and pies.

She chose to teach high school because of how mature students are. “No cap,” Hoyt jokes. Students are ready to talk about difficult subjects like discrimination, ideologies, and societal potential in a way that younger kids are not. “High schoolers are not adults, and they do many immature things, but they are on their way and it is exciting to watch them make progress towards greater mental, emotional, and social maturity.”