Who Runs This School? Ms. Paula!


Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

That’s right, Paula Saldutti is the wonderful woman who runs this school from long and tedious paperwork to managing the principal’s files, Ms. Paula does it all! She really is the “how-to” person at the school and is definitely my go-to person whenever I or any student needs assistance.  Ms. Paula has been working for TUSD for more than 30 years.  She worked at Cholla HS for 19 years, then came to work for our school and has been here since 2005! That’s 14 years of hard work and dedication from one amazing woman, thank you.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ms. Paula has 3 brothers and 1 sister.  At the young age of ten, she lost her father. Wanting to study cosmetology or become a flight attendant, she used to work at World Airways, which was a charter airline for Pan Am – one of the biggest airlines back then. She now has 3 boys, and the oldest one is a police officer who recently blessed her with her first grand-daughter. When asked about her personal relationship she answered with “Single, however I like it like that, no cleaning or cooking for someone else, I’m really enjoying my life.”

She also stated she, “loves working here because of the wonderful staff and amazing students.” Her main role here is to be an office manager, however, she stated again that she “Helps not only the principal but the school.” When an event for the school is coming up Ms. Paula is the first to know. Not only is she helpful in the office, but she’s very supportive for all of the staff and teachers. On behalf of the Paper Cut we’d just like to say thank you to Ms. Paula for always being there for us and this school.  She really is the powerful engine that runs the whole school and we’re so lucky to have her as our own! Principal Estrella even stated, “Anyone who knows anything about Sahuaro High School knows that Ms. Paula runs the show here!”