The First Encounter

An Internet Love Story

The First Encounter

Nevaeh Castro, Beat Investigator

Most of us would agree that coming to school day after day is boring if you have nothing to look forward to, like seeing that one person who you like-like, whether they’re a crush or your boo.  And we know adults can meet their loves on the internet, but what happens when a high school student meets someone on line?…and they live in another state?  Long-distance relationships are more difficult or complicated to work out, especially if you’ve never actually met, and even more especially when you’re only a sophomore in high school.  Yet Cat Blessing and her girlfriend Emily, who lives in Fredrick, Colorado, make it seem not as bad.

Q: Does distance ever bother you or make things harder for both of you emotionally and/or mentally?

A: Yes absolutely, but that’s what we kinda expected before we started dating, yunno? I mean, we spent a LOT of time making pros and cons as well as making sure that this is what we both wanted.

Being in a long-distance relationship means having to communicate with your partner electronically a lot more than usual, or in another sense, more often than couples that live together or close.

Cat mentions that there is a lot of shock and negativity when people find out that she’s in a long-distance relationship, but she tends to shut out the negativity from others because to her, “She’s just so worth it. She loves me and I love her too.”

Cat and Emily have a very exciting day coming up. Since Emily’s birthday is on January 17th, Cat has plans to fly out to Colorado to spend the weekend with her…but she will be staying with her own family since, coincidentally, they live close by.

Overall, Cat says nothing but great things and even though the distance is a small speed bump, they manage to make it work.