Sahuaro Artist: Vanessa Sherbo


Brendon Davis, Beat Investigatior

Artist Vanessa Sherbo, junior, is all about variety.  She loves to draw different objects, plants, and even people, along with humanoid beings. When asked what her biggest inspiration was, she said, “My grandparents. My grandmother was always an amazing artist, and my grandfather got to travel the world when he was in the Navy. So I get a lot of inspiration from old pictures.”

Vanessa has been drawing since she was able to write.  The reason she enjoys drawing is that “It’s a way to escape, mostly because when I would paint or draw I was able to zone out and forget about everything,” and “I enjoy drawing because I draw for myself. I’m not trying to please anyone when I draw. I’m just having fun!” Some of the works here in the article are her favorite pieces. She draws digitally, and will occasionally draw on paper. 

Vanessa is now looking to sell her art online. She plans to make stickers of some of her digital works to sell online using Etsy. It’s going to be great to see how far she’ll get with her amazing works!