The Black Market For Toilet Paper at Sahuaro High School


Jarilyn Jackson, Contributor

The problem all began in August of 2019 when my band director kindly informed me of our doom: all bathrooms would be shut except for one during class. When I asked her why they thought that was a good idea, she said that it was in an attempt to stop the widespread vaping epidemic. To stop vaping? How on earth would closing all the bathrooms down stop kids from vaping? I inquired several of my teachers about these very questions and did some thinking about it on my own time. The answer was simple. There isn’t one. The kids partaking in these activities will just find new places to do them or, as I’m sure many of the students at Sahuaro High School have seen, continue to do it in the one bathroom we have left. However, let’s say that this did indeed stop them from vaping. How are the 1,800 students that attend this school possibly supposed to efficiently and effectively get in and out of the bathrooms? So begins the toilet paper epidemic of Sahuaro High. I first noticed this issue when my band started bringing toilet paper in case there wasn’t any. I thought nothing of this because, well, we’re band kids. We’re weird. When it really got concerning was when a girl in my sixth period left to go to the bathroom and came back because there was none left. The teacher then had to go into a secret cabinet and tossed a pristine roll into the air. The girl deftly caught it and proceeded to hide it in her jacket on her way there and back. When she was back, the teacher even took it back and placed it in the secret cabinet. The whole situation continuously confuses many of the students residing at Sahuaro. How long must the secret stashes of toilet paper remain? How long must we be late to class due to the extreme lines for the bathrooms? Sahuaro must act! The question is when?