The Bathroom Situation


Megan Rasey, Contributor

Sahuaro High School known for mischievous students and bad behavior has recently tightened the rules on students freedom. The idea of keeping kids out of trouble has led administration to lock two of three bathrooms resulting to only one bathroom open for both the boys and the girls. This is a problem because it has caused much more congestion in the bathrooms then there used to be. Specifically for the girls, the bathroom in the lower 200 has been overused and is extremely damaged. Due to the overuse of this bathroom, toilet paper is missing, locks are broken, and as of a week ago a toilet was broken and now we are down to four stalls. Four stalls for the hundreds of females that use the bathroom at school. 

The new rules on bathroom lockdown have left many students very upset, including myself. It is beyond frustrating when someone actually needs to use the restroom but it takes twenty minutes because the lines are long, or there are girls in the bathroom doing other things that they should not be doing. It is unfortunate that we don’t have a female monitor at this school to keep girls out of trouble when in the bathroom. It is very clear that the privilege to use the bathroom will never be earned because of the bad behavior certain students portray. Without a female monitor the most power we have to keep things in check are our male monitors shouting in the bathroom telling the girls to “hurry up” or “get back to class.” Our system is not working and nobody seems to have a better solution. 

Maybe unlocking all the bathrooms makes it harder for a tighter control however, it will spread out the congested bathroom in the lower 200 building and will make it easier for students to get in and out during passing period and get to their classes without being late. some teachers don’t understand that we can’t use the bathroom during passing period because the line is out the door, and the girls are messing around wasting everyone else’s time. It is very unfortunate that certain people had to ruin this privilege for the rest of us. The same goes for the boys bathroom and I’m sure they have similar problems that the girls do. 

It must be very hard as the administration of a school making these decisions. I don’t entirely blame them as much as I blame the people who ruined the privilege of having all bathrooms open for use. If I put myself in admins shoes I wouldn’t have a very good solution for this problem either however they should have opened this decision up to student council and proposed the idea to the student body so we could all agree on a better solution.