What’s Wackier Than The Wackiest National Holidays?



Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

We all have the national holidays like Martin Luther King Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Veterans Day but we also have holidays that ACTUAL people celebrate like National Sleepyhead Day, Ragamuffin Day, National Big Wig Day, National No-Pants Day. NATIONAL NO PANTS DAY?!? yes, yes indeed….no pants day. What’s even more surprising is there is a “holiday” for EVERY single day. Some upcoming days are National Green Juice Day–January 26, and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day–January 27.

People like to have fun and make up their days to do strange things but having a national day to do it…is it that necessary? Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see kids get a kick out of days like National Eat Ice Cream Day and Breakfast Day but it’s actually pretty strange.


It’s important to celebrate days that share importance like, New Years Day that demonstrates a new chapter of life, or Valentine’s Day that celebrates lovers expressing their affection for each other with greetings and gifts. But when you see holidays like National Pointless Day….what’s the point? I mean you’re really doing nothing that day so why make it a “national” day?