14 Romance Movies for Valentines day



Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

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  • This movie is for sure very cliche, but if your into those type of movies then this movie is for you. This movie has a little bit of drama and an easy plotline to follow. You can watch this movie with friends or fam.

  • The second movie comes out on the 12th so for sure these two movies will be great to watch on Valentine’s Day!

  • This movie is for those of y’all who were really into the One Direction fanfiction era. It recently was put on Netflix, so grab all your other One Direction stans to watch this on V-Day.

  • This movie is for hopeless romantics. It’s super cute and did I mention how cute this movie is? It also features one of the actresses from Mean Girls.

  • This movie is kind of a classic and kind of relatable.

  • This movie is cute but kind of sad so be ready to have some waterworks while watching this movie.

  • Sorry to say it but this is one of the most superior Disney princess movies. It’s not too childish but still has that little bit of romance your gonna want on Valentine’s day.

  • This is also another tear-jerking movie, but still a great romance movie to watch.

  • Don’t even get me started about this movie. It’s a classic but you can never get tired of it. It’s funny, a little bit of drama, but still has the happily ever after that everyone wants.

  • This movie, THIS MOVIE. Don’t get me started it’s such a perfect love story and it makes you want to fall in love.

  • This isn’t a movie, but it’s a great rom-com. It’s a good Valentine’s Day special and highly funny. 0/10 do not watch this with your family.

  • This is also not a movie but it’s a very good kind of romance TV show you can binge watch on Valentine’s Day.

  • This movie is a banger. It’s honestly the perfect rom-com to watch. I don’t know just PLEASE add this to your list of movies to watch on the 14th!

  • Clueless is such a funny romance movie. It’s also great because we all love the 90’s so this movie is great for our fellow 90’s lovers.

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