Coach K Scores His 300th win



Credit to: Jes Ruvalcaba

Alais Alzaga, Media Arts Editor

The Sahuaro Varsity Girls Soccer team has had large success over the past years with the help of the one and only, Coach David Kruszewski.

Coach Kruszewski, also known as Coach K, Scored his 300th win against CDO, beating them with a score of 3-0 on January 28th, 2020.

Athletic Director Coach Botkin expressed his feelings about coach K’s 300th win,”Coach Kruszewski is an amazing coach, he has high integrity, high values and really is just a first class coach and person. His players play hard for him and it’s not surprising that he has 300 wins because he knows how to coach and he is a really high quality guy.” He also commented on this year’s varsity team, “Our girls soccer team this year is very good, and has a legitimate chance to go all the way and I wish them the best of luck.”

Coach K has been coaching for 22 years, acquiring experiences and prowess along the way that helped him achieve 300 wins.  He said the win itself wasn’t necessarily important to him, it is just the continuing success of the program, the 300th win was just a bonus. The girls varsity soccer team has indeed been successful over the years, including being semi-finalists 4 times, quarter-finalists 6 times, and runner up for State (losing by a bittersweet one penalty kick).

Coach K explained that this accomplishment was not something he would really think about until retirement, but he is proud. He was humble about it but still rightfully showed pride, not only in himself, but in the team. He explains his favorite part of coaching as,” I love to see the players develop, individually and as a team.” What has it taken to get there? Hard work all season, dedication and the eagerness to improve. Also, the fact that they are very close, it is a big part of their success as well because teamwork and friendship is what really makes a good team. Katana Potter, a junior and forward/striker on the girls varsity soccer team agrees. She really enjoys playing on the team because of the camaraderie. “I’m really excited for him and I’m happy for him.”

With his usual humbleness, Coach K’s final comment was, “I have been lucky to have such dedicated players and an awesome athletic trainer,” referencing athletic trainer, Becky Fajardo.

Congratulations to Coach K and his great achievement!