Highschool Sweethearts


Hope Emmett, Contributor

Has a bad end to a relationship ever left you wondering why you decided to do it? Relationships are a delicate topic for every age group, but our high school years tend to be overlooked. The many months we spend with one person are deemed useless and unimportant so quickly. Teens are considered naive and immature when it comes to settling down. What we are all wondering is are these relationships worth our time.

Before we get into the facts here are some opinions from Sahuaro students. Sydni Schaller, a sophomore varsity swimmer says, “I am single and I don’t believe high school relationships are worth our time because 90% of them don’t last after high school.” This is a reasonable, yet easily changed viewpoint. Many people that have not experienced a long-lasting bond might share this opinion. While Nathan Kruszewski also a sophomore varsity swimmer says that, “relationships are completely worth our time because if you don’t learn the crucial relationship skills now you will be awkward and unprepared for any future relationships you may have.”

In some ways both students are right. The majority of the time, high school relationships do not last, as only two percent of new marriages are considered “high school sweethearts.” Going through a relationship at a young age can ripen a young individual’s mind while helping them discover what they want in future spouses. 

Jordan Pfeifer, a sophomore varsity football player shares some of the wisdom that he has taken in throughout high school so far, “although I am only a sophomore I’ve learned that girls need a lot of attention, and they are very sensitive. I’ve also learned that most relationships don’t last unless both people in the relationship put in the same amount of effort, and lastly, I’ve learned that relationships aren’t about kissing and all that, it’s more about the friendship and bond you build.”

Kendall Emmett, a former Sahuaro student that is now married to her high school sweetheart gives the message, “honestly, I really don’t want to say any good reason is set and stone. However, I will say that a good relationship in high school is rewarding, and an amazing experience. As long as you can find the right person, it could very well be the best time of your life.”

So what truly is the answer, with so many positive and negative beliefs and thoughts regarding high school relationships? That is a question that still needs an answer. You are the only one that controls whether or not you have a relationship that is beneficial to your future. What will you make out of your next relationship?