The Circle Reviewed


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

The Circle is a new reality show that has honestly captured my heart. It very closely resembles Big Brother, which is another reality show I enjoy. The Circle starts off with eight people, who are put into separate apartments. In each apartment, their are tv’s that all have the same social media network created by the show called The Circle. Each house guest makes a profile on this site for the rest of the other contenders to view. Many people go in as themselves, but some decide to catfish their way through this competition.

Alex (right) pretending to be Adam (left)

‘Catfish’ is a term for people who use other people’s pictures online and pretend to be them. A lot of the contenders’ main focus is to get all of the catfish out of the game, which is a little difficult. The house guests never actually meet each other in real life, other then when they get voted off of the show, or ‘Blocked’. Every day each person gets to rate everyone in the game on a list from 1 to 7. The top two players become ‘Influencers’ and get a verified check. These two guests get to work it out and ‘block’ someone, which takes them out of the rest of the game. The person who gets blocked is allowed to visit one other person in their apartment before they leave. They also get to reveal themselves in a video that they send to the social network. Some people even found love on The Circle. A guy even brought his mom on the show!

This show is genuinely amazing. They bring in a lot of different types of people and it’s really wholesome to see them get along. Some contestants get framed as a catfish, then it ends up that they weren’t the entire time. A big goal of everyone in the house is to get rid of all of the catfishes in the game. This show is not like any other, and I personally binged it in about two days, making time during classes and during homework. I believe that anyone and everyone should watch The Circle, there’s a person on the show for everyone to love.