Artist Spotlight: Maria Cooperstein


Brendon Davis, Beat Investigator

Since she was little, Maria Cooperstein, sophomore, has been great at creating traditional art. Everything she creates is made with just a pencil and paper, but in the future she’d like to try digital drawing. 

She enjoys drawing characters for her stories and random characters she can think of, many of which are based on the people she hears and sees around the school. 

Her biggest inspiration is her peers.” This school has a lot of unique people with unique ideas.” The people at school are all different which inspires Maria to draw these unique characters. She’ll take character traits  from multiple students, and create a unique drawing. She doesn’t usually post any of her art, but she does like to show it off to her friends.

She enjoys drawing because it is something fun for her to do and helps her relax. Besides drawing Maria likes to play sports, read, and watch YouTube. She participates in two school sports, swim and tennis, she enjoys them as much as she does drawing. She is also an amazing student and keeps her grades up, that way she can continue to do what she loves.