Sheree Greenberg: Aspiring Linguist


Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

Sheree Greenburg is not your typical person at Sahuaro. If you do see her, you might hear her speaking in a different language. If you are one of her teachers like Mr. Davies, you would know that she writes her name in a different language, which she calls her signature. Meet Sheree Greenberg, another member of the senior class that can speak not one, not two, but four languages.  “I know them because if I ever go to a foreign country it would be cool because then I can speak the language that is associated with that country,”  Sheree explains.

The languages she speaks besides English are Japanese, French, and Spanish. “I learned it through anime. There were a few words in Japanese that were said, and I had to listen carefully to the words to try to learn them.” After using anime to start learning Japanese, she delved deeper into it. She knows it so well she now has a certain phrase that she enjoys in Japanese, and it is, “My favorite phrase in Japanese is I’m a dark angel.”  Although she has never been to Japan, Sheree is hoping to one day put her skills to use.  “I would like to go because I love their living lifestyle. They actually take off their shoes before walking in their house.”

On another note,  Spanish and French were done during Sheree’s middle school and half of her high school years. “I took Spanish in 7th grade and only took it for one year.” During her freshman and sophomore year she took French, and she really enjoyed it. “I loved taking French. My French name was Celine. Like the singer Celine Dion. Yes the teacher would be strict, but she was really sweet. She was only strict when she needed to be.”