My Favorite Albums Made Into a Poem About Senior Year


Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Senior year felt almost “Handwritten”

throughout the year I felt so “Wiped out” with

all of the things we needed to achieve.

Though there was “Beauty Behind the Madness” throughout the craziness of senior year.

I was ready to say “Thank u, Next” to all my teachers and admin at graduation. When there was bad days in high school and people would smile at me, I would think “Don’t Smile at Me”

High school made things feel like things were a “Trip”

Though a lot of people didn’t know my name,

at least they knew me as “H.E.R” the girl with colorful hair and a goofy personality. “Because the Internet” I felt closer with my classmates, even though I didn’t know much about them.

There was always a “Fine Line” between me hating school and loving it. Even though we might not be able to say “Goodbye & Good Riddance” at “Graduation” since our “K-12” journey is over I’m glad I get to say “I Love You” class of 2020.

Even though we had no “ctrl” over the way our senior year ended

I will always look back at this year and ask

“Was it Even Real?” I just hope that my fellow

classmates of 2020 know we will always be “Friends” I just hope everyone knows that these “Memories Dont Die” and they will be with us forever.

“Yours Truly Forever” – Jordan Ford

Album Titles:

Handwritten- Shawn Mendes

Wiped Out- The Neighborhood

Beauty Behind The Madness- The Weeknd

Thank u, Next- Ariana Grande

Dont Smile At Me- Billie Eilish

Trip – Jhene Aiko

H.E.R – h.e.r

Because the Internet- Childish Gambino

Fine Line-Harry Styles

Goodbyes & Good Riddance – Juice wrld

Graduation- Kanye West

K-12 – Melanie Martinez

I Love You. – The Neighbourhood

Was it Even Real? – Olivia Obrian

Friends- Omar Apollo

Yours Truly Forever- Phora

Ctrl- Sza

Memories Dont Die- Tory Lanez