End “The War On Drugs”


Judeia Holladay

For decades the federal and state government of the United States has fought a self proclaimed “War On Drugs”. Billions of dollars and countless man hours have been spent in order to attempt to regulate and control criminal drug enterprises. Despite this effort, Americans have always had access to a virtually unparalleled supply of every illicit substance imaginable. So how exactly are our tax dollars being spent effectively in order to reduce the death and poverty and anguish associated with criminal drug activity? The answer is that they are not.

The war on drugs is and will always be a losing battle to try and combat. This stems from multiple reasons including simple principles, such as supply and demand from the American consumer, to the foreign manufacturer, as well as political interest within our own government which is supposedly so concerned about the health and safety of its citizens. In this “War” nobody is truly winning except the few who have accumulated a lot of power and wealth as a result of it.

What has resulted is immeasurable consequences on nearly everyone. Americans have lost many civil liberties due to this political propaganda from Stop and Frisk laws to many many men and women being incarcerated and profited on due to non violent drug offenses. People in foreign countries where these cartels operate are terrorized and controlled through death and fear and are forced into this work and as a result, they are either incarcerated or killed.  Drug kingpins continue to profit massively and roam virtually unchecked despite their near terrorist like behavior, and the government profits in housing prisoners with drug related crimes and by enforcing its policies with seizures and intelligence using our tax dollars to try and bring these criminal enterprises down. Though these operations do very little to cripple a multi billion dollar industry in which those two parties seem to be the primary beneficiaries the same system continues year after year in stunning failure.