Tips For Online School

Tips For Online School

Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

During this difficult and confusing time, we’re all adjusting to this new way of learning, whether that be ignoring all of our responsibilities and sleeping through the days, or stressing about everything possible and being restless. However you are coping, here are a few tips to make online school easier.


  1. Don’t do your work in bed

Though it may be comfy and warm, it’s where you sleep and you’re bound to fall asleep or take a nap which will definitely restrict your time. Doing work in bed might also ruin your sleep schedule by making your brain believe your bed is meant as a work place and not for sleep. Using a desk or your dinner table will keep you alert and awake.

2. Keep your phone out of sight

If it distracts you at school, imagine how distracting it is at home, without a teacher breathing down your neck. Checking one notification turns into hours of scrolling on the socials. If you need music just put it on another computer browser. And just pull out the manual calculator.

      3. Set a schedule

Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to get everything done at once. Wake up and sleep when you want, but look at what needs to get done and make a list, whether it be six assignments or two. If you try to do too much, you’ll stress yourself out and end up not doing anything at all.


    4. Practice self care

You may think you can skip a shower or two because of isolation, but do yourself a favor and do it daily. Not only will it keep you feeling fresh, it’ll wake you up and ease a bit of your stress. If you find you can’t do this, just wash your face and slap on a face mask.

        5.  EAT

Your appetite might’ve died down due to the lack of activity you can do at home. But try to keep your food intake normal. It helps to feel productive in making yourself something you may have never tried or even a midnight bowl of cereal. Keep yourself fed!!


Most importantly STAY HEALTHY! Yes, education is important but your health, both physical and mental, comes before it. Stay inside, isolate yourself, social distance. Do your best to get through it because this won’t last forever!