Skin Care Must Haves


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Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

What to do with all this free time? Treat yourself of course by doing yourself a favor and upgrading your skincare. Whether you have acne-prone, dry or oily skin, these products should be added to your regimen.

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  1. Water Cream– Water cream isn’t too heavy or light for your skin. It hydrates and makes your face smooth as a baby! Some people with oily skin believe hydrating may cause your skin to become even more oily, but no matter what type of skin you have, hydration is incredibly important! Apply this with a rose quarts or jade facial roller to reduce puffiness! Sonia Kashuk is an affordable brand that offers facial rollers.

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  2. Toner– Toner is great for getting all the gunk, oil, and dirt from your pores. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed by shrinking your pores and essentially restoring your face’s pH balance. Toners that usually have great results are Thayer’s facial witch hazel or Murad’s clarifying toner.
  3. Tony Moly Sheet Masks– There isn’t one bad tony moly sheet mask! They all work so well, whether its the rice mask which clears up acne or the red wine mask that shrinks your pores. Plus the packaging is so cute!
  4. Exfoliant– Exfoliating is super important for your skin, it gets rid of all that old dead skin and cleans out dirt from your pores, reducing blackheads. Brands like The Ordinary offer peels or Skin & Co have scrubs. However, keep in mind, whether your exfoliant is a peel or a scrub only do it max once a week! 
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  5. Cleanser– Of course cleanser! You have to wash your face daily whether or not you laid in bed all day. The oils that accumulate on your face naturally cause whiteheads, and should be washed off in order to not cause breakouts or blemishes. Some great cleansers include the Soy face cleanser by Fresh or Drunk Elephant’s Beste No.9.

Of course, do your own research and test things out. Nothing is for everybody, but most importantly stay hydrated, water is most essential to anything regarding your health! No matter what skin type you have, you’re beautiful. Treat yourself with respect and love. Put time into bettering yourself, you deserve it!