Overcoming Allstate Cancellation


Michael Gilding

Something happened recently, that demonstrates my resilience. It was the cancelation of AMEA Allstate auditions and performance, because of the coronavirus. I worked so hard and was first chair and concert master for the AMEA South-Central Regional Band this year. I tutored one hour every day and practiced an additional two hours a day to prepare for Regionals and for Allstate. I practiced for both the auditions and the performance. The person I tutored with was Phil Switzer. Phil is the band teacher at Gridley Middle School. He is a really great tutor and he is part of how I have progressed so far with my clarinet playing.

I felt really heartbroken when Allstate was canceled. I also felt very proud of myself for how hard I have worked to get this far. I felt safer not going to Allstate auditions. I didn’t want to go to an event in a pandemic that could spread the disease even more and increase the chance of my getting it.

I performed online instead. My mom took a video of me playing the music I had worked on and posted it on Facebook. Lots of people saw her post, and liked it. That made me feel happier. Even though I didn’t perform at Allstate, I still got to perform for my friends online. My mom and I were resilient because we found a way for me to perform and to overcome my disappointment.

Michael with the Regionals Concert band conductor.  The second photo is Ms. Engel with all of the band members from Sahuaro who participated in regionals.