Congrats Isabella Hoy


Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

Isabella Hoy, a local senior at Sahuaro, was awarded the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency. This award takes hard work and dedication regarding the arts. This is a rewarding seal that requires a grade B or up in their fine arts courses, at least 20 hours of Extra Curricular Hours (related to the arts, of course), and a Capstone Project. By sending her idea for the project and a few signatures in, Isabella applied for the award. And after all her dedication, received a message from Mr. Marrs notifying her that she won. 

A Capstone project is rewarding work that takes advantage of the arts given. For Isabella Hoy, this would be teaching students with her amazing talents on the violin. “I adore teaching students and watching them grow,” Isabella emphasizes. Not only is she a violin player for Sahuaro’s Chamber and Symphonic Orchestras, she also plays in The Tucson Junior Strings.

Isabella began practicing violin 8 years ago and is certain to bring it with her as she progresses in life, planning to study music education at The University of Arizona. “I’m definitely gonna keep playing beyond high school as the violin is something you can always grow and learn on,” she explains.

 Isabella thanks her teacher Mr. Marrs as well as her companions. “All he does for myself and other students at Sahuaro. Many people share stories of a teacher who made knowledge worthwhile and fun and for me, that is Mr. Marrs.” She also thanks Hannah Sawyer and Michael Torrez for all their help with her achievements.

Mr.Marrs excitedly congratulates Isabella and states, “Issy is both a violinist in Sahuaro’s Chamber Orchestra and our Symphonic Orchestra.  She has been taking private lessons with Wynne Rife, a great violin player in the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  Issy has been playing with Tucson Junior Strings for many years.  When Issy visited our Concert Orchestra, she noticed that there were several students who were putting in effort, but weren’t making as much progress as they could if they had some individual attention.  Issy gave up her lunch period to teach several of our Concert Orchestra students in a small group setting.  I am very impressed with her hard work.  And I am excited that she was awarded Arizona’s State Seal of Arts Proficiency 2020!”

Great job Isabella.