Best of Girls: 2020


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Best Nickname: Ashley “Ashdad” Schlegel

“I think I won this category because it’s not a usual nickname and almost all my friends call me it! It’s so different from just shortening a name and that’s why I love it!”

Best Twitter: Claudia Garcia (@meatballsubs)

“I think I won because I have been tweeting out just a bunch of stupid thoughts and dumb jokes since like the 8th grade. I have like 175 followers and people mostly like it because I tweet dumb stuff that my friends and I say. I like to keep comedy simple, baby! I give people what they want!”

Best Tik Tok: Lelu Morgan (@lelumorgan)

“I believe I won this category because of my dedication to making mediocre, yet entertaining content that not only my peers, but also a wide variety of different people can enjoy.”

Best Artist(s): Grace Merritt

“I think I won because I have an amazing support system from my friends, teachers, and family. And I’m very thankful!”

Best Artist(s): Katelyn Stell

“I honestly have no idea!”

Most Fashionable: Natalie Hernandez

“I think I won this category because I always tried to dress my best and I love putting outfits together !!
A trend I absolutely love is crop tops because they can make any outfit cuter and I always wear them !!”

Best Thespian: Trinity Brandenburg

“I think I won this category because most people knew me as a fine arts person and I was always in The Little Theater even on weekends for shows.”

Biggest Heart: Destiny Mattice

“I always try to put others first… make sure everyone, no matter who , it is known that they can come to me and talk to me. I just never want people to feel alone.”

Best At Makeup: Tatiana Moreno

“I honestly don’t know why I won, but I’m glad I did because at least it shows me that somebody appreciates my makeup.”

Most Athletic: Kasey Purry

“I was on the varsity volleyball team for 3 years and captain my senior year. I also will be going to play D1 volleyball at Fresno State University”

Best Laugh: Lily Woods

“I probably won this category cause I have so many different laughs, most of them being fake, but I laugh at almost anything, so I’m usually always laughing.”

Most Involved At Sahuaro: Avery Miller

“I think I won this category because of my role as NHS president. It was a big accomplishment during my senior year and I invested a lot in the club. Additionally, my efforts to open the girl’s bathrooms were another big success and I couldn’t have done it without support from my senior classmates. I’m proud to be graduating from Sahuaro and will miss my teachers the most ♥️!“

Best Smile: Ariceli Castañeda

“I don’t really know why I won, but thanks to everyone who voted for me.”

Best Tattoo: Gigi McBride

“I think the reason I won best tattoo is because mine are simple, detailed, cute, and meaningful tattoos. I always get compliments on them. They mean a lot to me and I plan on getting more :)”

Best Hair: Sasha Ndisabiye

“My hair is usually the first thing people notice when they see me lol. I grew to love my natural hair so much and in my opinion – the bigger the better, ya know :)”

Most School Spirit: Keila Salazar

“I think I won most school spirit because every time a spirit week came around I loved going all out and having fun with the days!! I love that at Sahuaro participating in spirit weeks are so much fun and the more extra the better! I also can’t even count the number of sporting events I’ve been to the last few years cheering on our teams haha 🙂 CPOD!”


Most Known on Campus: Hayli Kubly

“I think I won this category cause I’m very outgoing and I put my self out there. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but the majority of the time I’m a friendly face a lot of people see around campus and I’m always talking to people no matter who they are!”

Most Likely to be Famous: Winta Tekle

“I believe I won because I’m unafraid to speak my mind and I think that’s what the world wants to see! Either that or it’s because I have the same unhinged energy as Robert Pattinson.”

Prettiest Eyes: Kaya Evens

“I think I won because of how vibrant my eyes are in this picture and how my dark lashes contrast with their light color.”

Best Quarantine Story: Alex Thwaits

“I think I won best quarantine story because staying home was giving me cabin fever, so I figured I would give the fans what they wanted: A update on my descent into boredom. That included learning to rip-stick and skateboard, painting my room, and playing various video games.”

Best Dancer: Valeria Romero

“I think I won because my hips don’t lie!”

Most Likely To Brighten Someone’s Day: Gabby Kion 

“I feel that we never know what someone could be going through and that the smallest act of kindness could help. The world is already full of negativity, there’s no need to add more. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure why people voted for me, but I’m super glad they feel that way!! It’s a super nice feeling to know I can make someone’s day brighter!”

Best Ride: Brooke Romero 

“I’ve had my car for a year and a half. It’s a 1999 Toyota Corolla. My favorite thing about the car is how loud it is. I think people voted for me because my car is bad a**!”

Most Likely to Become POTUS: Emma Walrath

“I think that I won this category because I have been really into politics and current events throughout high school. I was involved in Model UN, helped organize the protest at the beginning of the year, and I am the Editor in Chief of the newspaper. I hope to go into politics in the future :)”

Best Couple: Samantha Valdez & Jericho Verduzco

“Jericho and I met sophomore year and started to date about a month later, we’re complete opposites and I think that’s why we work so well together. Through the most important moments in our lives, we have been there for each other. One thing that I love about Jericho is that, like myself, we both have big dreams of being successful and outgrow ourselves to have a better lifestyle than what we have lived as kids and young adults.”

Cutest Friends: Nayeli Vidal, Mildred Long, and Aliyah Valenzuela


“We’ve been friends since we were 13, and being the 3 High School soccer team captains really brought us closer together. Our favorite memory is literally anything we do together, the whole season was amazing. I think we’ve stayed friends for so long because we’re a different breed. And we all have different taste in guys.”

Most Likely to Become a Top Chef: Janessa Schlecht

“I am surprised that I won this but thanks. Maybe it was because I took culinary once. I also made magic bars for my best friend’s birthday this year, so maybe because of that. Thank you again.”

Most Likely to Have a Reality TV Show: Khariza Cervantes

“I think the reason I won this category is because I’m very outgoing and outspoken. I think people can really relate to me, so I think that’s why people may have nominated me!”

Class Clown: Ayissa Vizuet

“Honestly I just say things that are on my mind out loud and people laugh. Which is surprising because I say a lot of stupid stuff. I live by the quote, “Whether you’re laughing with me or at me, you’re still laughing.” I’m an actor so i know how it feels when a joke flops… BUT THAT’S SHOWBIZ BABY!!! I’ve made many people cry/ pee themselves from laughing. Confidence is KEY when it comes to humor so never be afraid to speak your mind! Stay juicy, XOXO Ayissa Faith Vizuet (future movie star).”

Best Musician: Airam Bravo

“I’m pretty sure we all know why I won, the award says it all. Throughout my four years of high-school I have challenged myself tremendously in music. Many of you know I would spend hours upon hours practicing. I was always determined & disciplined in perfecting my music. Being concert master for the past two years have been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m a pretty great violinist if you ask me, oh that’s right you did :)”
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Most Likely to Voice a Cartoon Character: Vy Nguyen