Best of Boys: 2020


Senior Issue Staff

Most Likely To Become Famous: Joaquin Cota

“I don’t know how I won this category, but if I look back on who I am, I’m very theatrical and involved in the arts.”

Class Clown: Jamaal Barnhardt

“I  believe I won because I’m the most genuinely funny person. I try to make everyone laugh and have a good time. Life is way too short to be uptight and mopey all the time, people should laugh more.”

Best Nickname: Parker “Milk” Pott

“I won this category because how could someone forget a man named Milk.”

Best Laugh: Jacob Garcia

“I believe I won this category because my laugh is one of the most annoying, traumatic, and memorable sounds ever to be heard inside the walls of Sahuaro.”

Best Thespian: Sergio Romero

“Well, I’m well known as being the theater kid in some of my classes, and I’m even the mascot of my entire troupe, Troupe 215! Some people think I’m the best actor in the department, and while I do try to be the best actor I can be, there’s still a lot I have to learn! I’d like to think that I won because of my talent, charm, commitment, spirit, and my love for acting!”

Best Artist: Kaden Forgue

“If I’m being honest, I don’t know how I won this category but maybe it was because I would put the time and effort into making the art the best it could be.”

Best At Makeup: Jordan Peralt

“I’m here to prove that wearing makeup doesn’t put a label on my name or prove something to anyone else in the world. I’m here to inspire others to feel comfortable with themselves and expressing their own way of beauty.”

Best Tattoo: Preston Young

“I think I won because of the meaning behind my tattoo; it’s for my great-grandma.”

Most Athletic: Izaiah Davis

“I think I won because I did things other athletes didn’t, also me and my teammates always put on a show!”

Most Involved at Sahuaro: Dane Young

“I was honestly wondering the same thing. I wanted to have new experiences for my senior year. I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish and be involved in.”

Most Fashionable: Jesus Serebia

“I think I won because I’m able to switch up my style so much. I can wear anything from designer to a 3 dollar t-shirt, and that I don’t take any inspirations for my style; I wear whatever I like. Also, I feel like many people know that fashion is one of my favorite hobbies.”

Best Tik Tok: Jesse Sisk

“The people around me really pushed for me to make a Tik Tok and I did. Then the support I got from it was insane.  It’s dumb, but my friends really do support what I do no matter the circumstance. It was definitely Ayissa’s fault I won though.”

Most Likely To Become POTUS: Calvin Mueller

“I think I won most likely to be POTUS male, because I was one of the most politically active males in the senior class and participated in debate club, founded Model UN, and did diplomacy camps.” 

Most School Spirit: Jesse Bable

You only live once, so you have to give it all you’ve got. One day you’ll look back and realize all the opportunities you had and wish you were just a kid again. I believe I won most school spirit because I put in the effort so that when I look back at my high school years, I can remember how much fun I had. I couldn’t have done it without my friends. “

Prettiest Eyes: Jaren Hunziker

“I think I won this category because everyone knows I have the prettiest eyes and thank you to my parents for blessing me with these.”

Best Smile: Omar Felix

“I think I won because my dad and sister also won best smile in high school, so it must be a family thing. Also because my mom made me practice my smile before picture day when I was little :)”

Best Musician: Daniel Giesler

“Good question! [Why do you think you won this category?] I know several great musicians at Sahuaro, they could’ve been picked as easy as me. Most of the people I know are aware that I play multiple instruments and I am passionate about the music I listen to and play, maybe that was a reason. Other than that, I got lucky.”

Best Hair: Calen McFarland

“I think I won this category because I switched up my hairstyle a lot in the past 4 years, including long, short, fades, braided, and permed-styled hair.”

Best Dancer: Leon Nguyen

“I won this award because I commit my life to dancing. To traveling to different cities and states for competitions. To practicing 24/7 and having a passion for it. At first I thought dance is just going to be a hobby for me, but dancing in a local team in Tucson, making a second family and a second home… it started to become something else. See dancing is not just a hobby but it’s a lifestyle for most. That’s why I think I won. Also because I felt like I was the only dancer at Sahuaro.”

Best Ride: Daniel Angulo 

“I have a Dodge Charger. My best memory was when I was I heading home from work, it was 1 am and I pull up next to a cop with a Dodge Charger as well. At the stoplight he flashed his light, rolled down his window and was like “What engine does she have?” I told him and he goes “Alright let’s test it out,” and we raced down to the next light which was crazy! Her name is Fanta and I’ve had her for a year now. I think people voted my car for the best ride because of her color – you don’t see much orange and black cars on the streets and especially not muscle cars. I got the brightest car at school for sure!”

Best Twitter: Armando Ramous

“I think I won it cause my tweets are gas and they stupid funny also I tweet about a variety of things.”  

Most Known on Campus: Jacob Olson

“I think I won due to my various schemes throughout the year and also my attempt to leave a mark on the people around me. Scheme-wise throughout the years I’ve sold sweatshirts, ran for president in government and won, did my #JakeForAll campaign, etc. I also tried to help people around me have a better day.”

Most Likely To Be On Top Chef: Nazyr Glass

“Well I’ve cooked for a very long time, I’ve been cooking since I was 13. I cook a lot of chicken and I grill a lot of things like steak and ribs and things like that.  My favorite food is chicken wings easily, that’s the only food I can never get tired of, and I think I won this because people know I like to eat a lot😭 I don’t have a good reason why but I think that’s it.”

Most Likely to Brighten Someone’s Day: Austin Valenzuela

“A lot of the time you don’t always really know what’s going on in someone’s life behind the scenes. Whether it’s personally, emotionally, physically, or anything else. So giving somebody a hug, a compliment, a laugh,  or even just a smile is a small gesture that can brighten anyone’s day. I believe I won most likely to brighten someone’s day because I try my hardest to do these small gestures every day, so I can make other people’s day just a little brighter.”

Best Couple: Jericho Verduzco & Samantha Valdez

“Favorite memory definitely had to be when we went to the bad bunny concert and I had no clue what he was saying. I just enjoyed seeing the smile on Samantha’s face and having a good time. I love her because she’s always supportive of everything I do and she puts up with my sneaker obsession.”

Best Couple: Jack Belobraydic & Marisa Verdugo

“We have been together since freshman year. We have helped each other throughout all our high school years and made amazing memories. Our favorite activities are going to the movies, playing volleyball, and pretty much doing everything together. We think people voted us for the best couple because we have been together for so long and we’re more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, we’re best friends.”

Most Likely to Voice a Cartoon Character: Zane Hershey

Seen on the left

“I think I won ‘Most Likely to Voice a Cartoon Character’ because of my monotone voice. It would be perfect for a cartoon about a 40-year-old accountant who has lost the ability to feel emotion.”

Biggest Heart: Ryan Au

Most Likely to Have a Reality TV Show: Ian Kron