Oh You Like That Band? Name Five Songs


Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

Gate keeping sucks!  Gate keeping is the activity of controlling and usually limiting general access to something. Whether it be for clothing, music or interests. 

Often you hear an exchange between people that goes something like this, “Woah! Cute shirt where’d you get it?” “Thanks, actually I don’t remember…” Then later on you find out they know exactly where they got that shirt but they don’t want to share that information (pretty rude right???).

People tend to gate keep bands or interests that they don’t think other people are worthy of liking whether that be because of the person’s style or overall appearance. A popular artist people love to gate keep is Tyler the Creator. Your favorite album is always battled by the diehard fan who ‘knew him first’ and always argues that “his old music was better” you can never have a right answer because it’s always put down and belittled. It makes the newer fans dislike the fanbase and drift from the overall artist. We all have our favorite underground or unknown artists that are near and dear to us. And we wish we could keep them all to ourselves for the sake of closeness. But that’s not fair. Not to the artist or potential fans.

People also gate keep interests, things such as playing instruments and skating. Making fun of others for not playing a guitar or pushing their skateboard the ‘right’ way. Getting called names such as “poser” simply doing it how they prefer.



You may think you’re cool and interesting for knowing small artists but you seem cooler sharing them with people you know would enjoy it.You should want your favorite to be known and gain popularity. Next time someone asks “Hey where’d you get those jeans,” or “Who sings that?” Just tell them. Not only will you feel good but they will too. Encourage and uplift people for trying new things rather than insult them for not being the best right off the bat. Don’t be the person with the superiority complex that puts others down. Just let people enjoy things.