Let’s Cancel “Cancel Culture”

Lets Cancel Cancel Culture

Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-chief

At first we all thought ‘Cancel Culture’ was kinda funny, and “exposing” people became part of every one’s daily American life. But have we ever stopped to think that Cancel Culture should be canceled? Many of the times this ‘toxic trend’ affects people not just mentally, but physically as well. This trend causes many people to lose their careers due to a simple rumor or assumption.

Everyone that follows the YouTube Beauty Community knows that not only are they all very talented but they’re also equally as problematic. Last year James Charles was ‘canceled’ due to a video uploaded my Tati, Bye Sister, where she claims the James is a toxic friend, is rude because of his fame and, harasses straight men. These allegations (which were later discovered not to be true) almost ruined James’ career and made him lose millions of followers on various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Later James Charles uploaded No More Lies where he shows all his “recipes” and explains why Tati is lying. James saved himself but how many other famous people aren’t able to?

Yes, Cancel Culture has exposed many people that have done wrong but is it fair to be judged by one thing you’ve done or said in the past? I understand that once you put something on the internet it’s there forever, and yet, I believe in second chances. I think that people can change (or improve). No one is mistake-free, we are all human, so we make mistakes. The problem isn’t that we make mistakes, it’s when we don’t notice them and everyone else does.

Shane Dawson is one of the most recent creators to be ‘canceled’. Back in the 2000’s when the internet and YouTube were just becoming popular, Shane made a lot of content including, but not limited to, harassment, blackface, racial jokes, LGBTQ  jokes, and so on. To be quite honest I never saw much of Shane Dawson until his “conspiracy serious” started to trend on YouTube. But a lot of people that supported him in the past or “since day one” now hate him. They want nothing to do with him, but aren’t they equally as guilty? The people commenting on his video about how funny he is and how people saying that others “shouldn’t get offended because it’s just dark humor” aren’t they equally responsible? If Cancel Culture was a real concept wouldn’t we all be canceled? I believe Cancel Culture picks who they want to “cancel” more so for publicity rather then exposure.