Is Going Back To School In-Person During A Pandemic Really A Good Idea?

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Alex Herman, reporter

The big question we all are asking right now is… when will we go back to school?! Ideally, we would love to go back and get to see our teachers, friends, and peers. Now we all have to worry about our health and the safety of others around us.

Now with school remotely back in session and talks of in-person learning eventually coming back, the question is…is it a good idea? I would say no.

With more COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing, the risks of contracting or spreading it to others is higher than ever. There are currently 39,318 new cases in the U.S and the numbers are just continuing to go up. Do we really want to put people at risk by going back to in person learning? Is it worth the risk just to see our friends or going back to our old ways of learning? We tend to feel like it’s almost “essential” to socialize and hang out with people in person.

It’s a vulnerable time going back because we have to think about others around us. We have jobs and places we go to everyday that are a big risk to us catching it and bringing it back to others. The most ill-feeling you would have is knowing that there’s a chance you gave it to others. On the other hand, we also might feel like we are taking  every precaution we can and doing everything we can to stay safe, so why not begin our in person activities again? You miss being able to do your everyday activities with your teammates and friends and not having to worry about getting yourself or others sick, but we need to be on a level of understanding that it’s different now. Going back to school is not one of those risks we need!