Ex- FBI Lawyer Pleading Guilty Over the Russia Inquiry Situation


Paizley Nicole Wallace, Contributor

Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer, was assigned to the Russia investigation way back in 2017. Recently, it has made its way to headline news that Clinesmith altered emails that were used by investigators in the case to “seek renewed court permission in 2017 for a secret wiretap on the former Trump campaign.” President Trump decided to use this plea agreement to prove that the Russia investigation was “illegitimate and politically motivated.” Clinesmith openly has opposition towards the president but expressed that he deeply regrets having altered the emails in the investigation. He is expected to be charged in federal court in Washington with one felony count. The investigation with Russia consisted of FBI suspicion that Russia had recruited Mr. Page (who was part of the Trump campaign at the time), to spy. 

Pictured above: Kevin Clinesmith

In my opinion, although the public deserves to know what happened in this situation about an altered email in such a huge case, the president doesn’t need to publicly express his radical style views over social media platforms such as Twitter.

I’m sure many of us can agree, seeing him whine about a huge case on Twitter calling it, “illegitimate and politically motivated,” when Clinesmith openly expressed that the alerting email was a mistake and is taking full responsibility is just childlike and petty. Although there wasn’t any other undermining evidence that Clinesmith intended any wrong-doing towards the election or to Trump personally, it was still a very fatal mistake he made and will get charged for.