Be a Hero and Mask Up!


AFP via Getty Images

Image from The Mercury News

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

With the current pandemic in motion, many states are being required to wear a face mask or shield in public at all times. While some people agree with and perform that rule, others strongly disagree with and do not follow it. Some people believe in the pandemic and fear it, whereas others believe it’s a hoax set up by the government. Whatever your reason may be, I believe everyone should wear masks in places with other people, no matter how populated it may be.

For starters, it’s mandated in any place you go to wear a mask (at least in Arizona and most other states). Any store you go to has a sign posted on the outside stating, “You must wear a mask to enter.” You can’t grocery shop, order food at a restaurant, go to the mall, or go anywhere without being stopped and asked to put on a mask.

It’s the same as wearing a seatbelt. Masks protect you and those around you. If you aren’t afraid, then it’s respectful to wear a mask for those around you who may be. Even if you don’t “believe the virus is real,” there are still people who do. Some of those people, even, are high risk. Those who are at high risk are scared, and for a good reason. By not wearing a mask, you’re taking their fears and making them seem insignificant.

On top of high risk people, there are asymptomatic people who may have the virus, but don’t have any symptoms or illness. These people may not feel sick, but they can easily make others sick by being careless and disrespectful to those around them. Asymptomatic people are very dangerous in general, and even more so without a face mask or shield on.

Whether you’re asymptomatic, high risk, or in between, you should still wear a mask with care. And for the Karens out there who “can’t breathe,” go get a face shield, suck it up, and help us heal our world.