The Adventours Madame Kelly


Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

We’ve all struggled during the quarantine. Some sleep in all day while others, like Madame Kelly,  practiced and mastered Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. “I have always been interested in healthy living, nutrition, alternative medicine, and yoga,” says Madame Kelly eagerly. “I discovered Tai Chi on YouTube where they have many great videos that teach it.” Madame Kelly’s even found a YouTube video she loved so much, she’s been doing it every day since March!

Madame Kelly is a French teacher at Sahuaro High School, as a matter of fact, she’s the only French teacher, meaning she teaches first year, second year, and advanced French classes. One of many things she plans to do to spice up remote learning is start doing Zoom French cooking lessons. “I think it will be nice for students to get a break from learning vocabulary and grammar, and learn about French culture.  France is famous for its cuisine so I want to relay that to students. I think it will be a lot of fun for everyone to cook together even though we will do so behind a screen.  I also think parents will appreciate having a little treat to come home to,” she jokes.The Amazon basin of Ecuador seen from the top of a hill

Madame Kelly even went to The Amazon and Ecuador this summer. These places are known for their beautiful rainforests, being home to over 800 fish species, 350 reptile species, and 300 mammal species. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the 10 day trip got cut short by 7 days. Hopefully she got a refund…

Bon appetit to the lucky French students!