Sahuaro’s 2021 Senior Class President: Alyssa Brown


Alex Herman, Reporter

Alyssa Brown is not only our Senior Class President this year, but she’s also a wicked crazy athlete. She’s been in Student Council for three years now and is also on Sahuaro’s varsity basketball team. Impressive, right? You might ask…how does she do all of it? Well, it takes a lot of planning and managing time for her. She has a lot of calenders to keep her up-to-date and prepared.

Alyssa always wanted to be more involved with the Sahuaro community. She has found that being in Student Council has helped her meet so many people. Her job is to represent the class of 2021 and to set up many of our school fundraisers.

She finds that from being Junior Class President last year to being Senior Class President this year is really the same. Alyssa says it is more exciting because she wants it to be “better than her previous years before.” For this year, Alyssa wants a lot of bonding with the Senior class, “hopefully” even before COVID goes away. Alyssa hopes everyone will be more than ever involved with Sahuaro.

As of right now, Alyssa along with the rest of the Student Council members are trying to find safe ways around this unsettling virus.  It’s unclear what exactly they’re going to do moving forward, but they hope soon everyone gets a chance to see each other again in person. It would almost take something drastic to change in Arizona to be able to go back to in person activities, but until everyone’s able to go back in person a lot of stuff is still in the air.

Even with feeling like COVID has a hold of our lives and our plans, the senior council still strives to give the senior class the best year yet!

Alyssa wants to remind all to “wear a mask, so we can have a senior year we deserve!” A special congrats to all the Senior winners of the student council and body this year. We know you guys will make this year great not only for the seniors but for the school! Good luck this year Seniors!