Stephanie Lorenzini, Photo Editor

Bisexuality: it’s the ‘B’ in LGBT, is sometimes overlooked, and depending on who you ask, doesn’t even exist. It’s a very misunderstood sexuality because so many people can describe it in many different ways. If you were to put a handful of bisexuals in a room and ask them to describe what bisexuality is, then you would get a handful of different answers. If you were to ask anyone who didn’t identify as bisexual what they think it is, then the answer could often be “a phase,” or “in denial.” It’s sad, really. It could make someone who identifies as bi think that they’re feelings are invalid just because there’s no straight answer as to what it is, and that is not true at all.

There are a lot of hurtful stereotypes and myths about bisexuals and that’s why it makes it no surprise that they are less likely to “come out” than gays and lesbians. Biphobia can come from both straight people and gay people which is why some bisexuals find it easier to identify as gay or straight just to avoid the discrimination.

Teens¬†who are bisexual are more likely to have suicidal feelings than any other self-identified group. So if you’re bisexual, whether or not you’re out, I’m going to tell you that YOU ARE VALID. No matter what anyone says, no one has any right to tell you that what you identify as is invalid or doesn’t exist. Read bisexual blogs on Tumblr, look up bisexual YouTubers, expand your knowledge on bisexuality, but most importantly be happy and be proud.