Quinn Riley: The Queen of Soccer


Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

Sahuaro’s soccer player Quinn Riley can be described as many things: quirky, funny, but most of all, incredibly talented. She started playing soccer when she was 6-years-old, with inspirations like Rose Lavelle and the women on the USA team to keep her motivated. She has grown into a powerful woman throughout her soccer journey.

When Quinn was six, she kicked a soccer ball for the first time, sparking the moment that would shape her life. “I was playing a game, and I kicked the ball super high up! I looked at the ref, and she shrugged. I guess I just felt proud of myself for kicking the ball high,” she recalls. This situation, although little, empowered her.

At Sahuaro, the senior plays as a defender. When asked about it, she explained her position as “Occasionally taking the ball up, but usually defending the ball or playing in the back.” Although it is unclear if the team will have a season this year or not, she assures that the team is still working long and hard to accomplish the state championship.  Quinn has especially been working hard, considering she’s been practicing on and off during the summer with her club, conflicted on whether the pandemic should stop them or not.

Sahuaro’s Coach Kruszewski comments on Quinn’s playing, as well as her character. He says “It takes a tremendous amount of skill to be a competitive soccer player. Quinn Riley is one of the best in Southern Arizona. More importantly, she is a quality person with exceptional character. I’m glad she’s on my team!” She’s been on the team all four years of high school.

Soccer is more than a game to Quinn. After high school, she plans on pursing soccer in college. When asked about her biggest accomplishment she’s had while playing so far, she replied with “I’m going to go to college and play soccer. I want to major in either film or business.” And while Quinn is spectacular at soccer, the game doesn’t define her.

Quinn is an inspiration to many women, she’s the embodiment of true courage, and she is the definition of the lesson about “getting yourself back up”. She loves the game, but she also loves film, and music, and laughter! In fact, she reminisced about the funniest memory she could think of.

Junior year, younger Quinn was having an extremely hard day. After school, she just wanted to go home, instead she hung out with her friends, and they all went to go get McDonald’s. When she got into the car her friend played the song “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott. This song triggered Quinn into tears, which made her tears of sadness turn into cries of laughter. She recalls this situation as one of the funniest moments in her life.

Senior Megan Rasey and longtime friend of Quinn talks about her experience being with Quinn on the team. When asked if Megan could describe her in one word, she says “If I could describe Quinn in one word I would say driven. I met Quinn through soccer and ever since freshman year I’ve watched Quinn put all her effort into everything she does. Her drive and dedication is inspiring! She is an amazing leader and will continue to be just that through everything she does.”

That pretty much says everything you need to know about Quinn Riley, not only is she a soccer player, but she’s also one of the greatest friends you’ll have.