Save the Yearbook! Class of 2021 – Seniors Need You!


Alexzander (AJ) Braaten, Reporter

One highlight at the end of every student’s year is the school yearbook. It shows the best the school has to offer along with being an excellent source of memories (or cringes) into adulthood. The only problem is that this year our yearbook is struggling, and it’s up to the seniors to save the class of 2021’s yearbook.

A lot of seniors haven’t been able or don’t know how to get their yearbook portraits in. The deadline is coming up rapidly and the yearbook class still needs hundreds of portraits. Most of the time seniors would go to Silhouette photography in Trail Dust Town to get portraits done, but they say that very few have made appointments. Of the approximately 1,500 students at Sahuaro only 400 have scheduled appointments. A lot of this is because of the pandemic and the lack of school announcements, but they are in fact open and eager to get the rest of the seniors in.

Technically, the deadline has passed to get portraits in but luckily Silhouette photography has extended it to October 15th. It’s best to get your appointment set sooner than later, during their busiest time last year they would get 400 to 500 calls a day and they are certainly going to get many calls come October. The best part is that it is completely free to get their generic yearbook photos and takes very little time to get through. For any student (or parent) wanting to a more specialized graduation photo, you still can pay for a variety of different sessions to get that perfect photo that speaks specifically to you.

If we want to look back on this school year with fond memories years later down the road, we need to get those senior portraits in ASAP. For additional information, contact Patricia Olstad, yearbook sponsor at [email protected]  or go onto the Silhouette photography website or call them at 520.886.1710