2020 Senior Sunrise

Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

On Saturday morning, September 19, every senior in Tucson was welcomed to Jesse Owens Park at 5:30 am to watch the day break and celebrate the beginning of the end of twelve years of school. This recent tradition symbolizes the start of senior year and it ends with a senior sunset in May. It is truly a time to get together, have fun with each other, and enjoy the calm before the storm that comes with being a senior.

Masks were mandatory, so was having fun. Snacks would surround the seniors, along with chilling music from a senior who bought an acoustic guitar. This was a memorable morning, and certainly the only one seniors can get, so it was great to make it count and worthwhile.

Since COVID-19 has come around, the event could not be on school premises, nor was it a school-sponsored event. Hence, why this year it took place at Jesse Owens Park.  Normally, word would get our through Student Council, but since they did not get the green-light to go ahead this year, seniors took it upon themselves to use social media and word-of-mouth to promote the event.