Fresh Face ft. Devin Rose


Mario Reynaga, Reporter

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about school?

A: My favorite things about school are being able to see my friends and the school work.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher and explain why?

A: My favorite teacher is Mr. Holbrook, he is my favorite because he helps me a lot with my homework.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?

A: My favorite artist is going to be jaydayoungan.

Q: What are you most grateful for?

A: Im grateful for my my friends and family.

Q: What is your favorite tv show and why does it make you happy?

A: Naruto is my favorite show it makes me happy, and I like it cause its funny.

Q: If you were in a zombie apocalypse what would your plan be and why?

A: If i was in a zombie apocalypse i would go uo to the highest building and try to attract an helicopter, and collect all the food that is left and make friend to be stronger.