Why Trump Should be Re-Elected Over Biden


Alexzander (AJ) Braaten, Reporter

Current Republican President Donald J. Trump is one of the most devisive political candidates in American history. He went from being one of the most successful business men in New York along with a noteworthy television personality, to becoming the biggest dark horse presidential candidate to ever win the presidential election. In the beginning there was a lot of doubt that Trump could really lead the nation, but he has proven all his haters wrong, even if they don’t care to admit it.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican primaries a lot of people still saw him running as a joke and said he would never actually win. Then when he did beat Hillary Clinton there was still the fear that he wouldn’t know how to handle that much power. I can confidently say that he handled the power and utilized it to it’s fullest potential. Under Donald Trump we have seen exponential economic growth and peace deals like never before.  Trump made it clear from day one that his campaign was going to help out the business side of America with emphasis on trade agreements and boosting the economy from the levels it was at under Obama. Donald Trump has run this country like a business, and although it is quite risky, it has actually paid off over the course of his presidency.

photo from usembassy.gov

Trump has never backed down from conflict and, in fact he usually thrives on it. Trump has made his presidential career on proving his doubters wrong while also doing it in a way that would help the general public. He has only made 19 international trips to 24 countries, while not a lot, he has made important strides by being the first president to contact the leader of North Korea in the country’s history. Trump also met with other contraversial leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Earlier this year Trump was nominated thrice for different peace deals in the middle east, most notably with Israel and the UAE, which has never happened in Israel’s history. All of these things were downplayed or mocked by a mainstream media that has never liked or supported Trump.

photo from buisnessinsider.com

Donald Trump cares about fixing and maintaining our economy and when our economy thrives, we all do. Before Covid came around and wiped away all the progress that we had made, America was experiencing record low unemployment rates and higher median household income than the Obama administration could ever get to. A lot of fact checkers and economists are quick to point out that Trump “inherited” this successful economy but they refuse to see that the Obama administration had completely tanked the economy before bringing it up in the end. It seems that Biden didn’t learn from that disaster of an economy near the beginning of the Obama administration. His idea of 15$ minimum wage, helping out the middle class, and completely gutting the wealthy with taxes are all great ways to go into another recession. The American economy under Trump worked so well because it helped out the big money makers so that the money would trickle down to everyone else. It’s not focused on the big flashy stats you’d find on a chart, but as long as those bigger companies are kept in check, the money will trickle down, just as it had before the pandemic. Trump cares about helping out the country, not how much people like him, and that’s something I can’t say for Joe Biden.

Why should you vote for Donald Trump this year? Because he’ll get things done with the savvy and confidence of a successful buissnessman. Trump hasn’t been afraid to make the big calls that no other president has ever made, even when no one else believes in him. He cares for our economy and will help pull us out of the hole that Coronavirus has dug us into. Donald Trump is the best candidate to lead us through the dumpster fire that has been 2020.