The 2020 Presidential Election: An American Catastrophe


Mei Dotzler, Reporter

With the impending election in just under 2 weeks, citizens across the country are scrambling to cast their votes for either Donald Trump, 74, or Joe Biden, 77, arguably the two worst candidates in American history.

Some people have just opted not to vote, refusing to support either a labeled racist or alleged sexual harasser. However, having the ability to vote, but purposely choosing not to, then proceeding to complain about the new president-elect is just willfully ignorant. While both electorates are third rate and equally as incompetent, it is vital that you exercise your right to vote to preserve the future of this democracy.

Especially for this term, I think who you vote for solely depends on your personal priorities and beliefs as both candidates bring entirely different things to the table. Trump and Biden both come with an umpteen amount of positive and negative baggage, but it’s up to you to decide whose weighed more.

June 20, 2020, President Donald Trump speaks at BOK Center during his rally in Tulsa, Okla. The head of the Tulsa-County Health Department says Trump’s campaign rally in late June “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases there.

Of all the domestic and foreign issues the U.S. currently faces, COVID is of the highest severity. Being that the virus was diagnosed under Trump’s presidency, the majority of Americans can agree he did not handle it well in the slightest. While completely dismantling the 2016 Obama-Biden epidemic plan report “Towards Epidemic Prediction: Federal Efforts and Opportunities in Outbreak Modeling”, the Trump administration has lacked in cohesion and responsibility when it comes to the pandemic, even failing to promote the usage of masks — the #1 recommended preventative measure made by the NIH.

Considering his suggestion of a national mask mandate, I think Biden-Harris would handle the pandemic with more precaution and ease; that much is obvious from Trump’s nonchalance with masks and quasi-social-distancing rallies. I also think Biden-Harris are far more active in supporting civil rights and debates, like abortion, Planned Parenthood, and the BLM Movement, all important and generations-shaping issues.

However, when discussing economics and foreign relations, Trump, a known kingpin of the business industry, has done an exceptional job of keeping this country afloat. But you would never know that because of how warped and radically left the media is. Left out of the daily CNN reports, Trump recorded the lowest unemployment rate in more than 50 years, an all time low poverty rate in 2019, and an overall substantial economic growth during his 4 year term.

Joe Biden with running-mate Kamala Harris

Along with inheriting the strongest economy America has seen in years, Trump has also succeeded in brokering a peace agreement between Israel and Sudan, a historic feat no other president has been able to accomplish, earning him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. It is fairly clear that Trump is the ideal leader in terms of a flourishing economy and an imperial American status.

Respectively, I don’t think Biden would run the economy into the ground, but I don’t think it would be nearly as successful as he’s made it clear that public health and climate change are his top priorities. He wants to dedicate great resources and $2 trillion into clean-energy research and development (but where’s all this extra money coming from?). He wants to cease using natural coal and oil, making everything electricity based, although I think that’s kind of ridiculous.

That being said, both candidates’ commendable actions does not excuse their appalling immaturity for men nearing 80 years old, exploitative agendas towards each other, and suspicious endeavors with other countries. Both electorates do not fit the image of a sophisticated United States president, their foul mouths and delinquent attitudes proving exactly that.

But as someone who doesn’t pay bills, or have any jurisdiction in the land of politics, yet, I would choose Biden just in utter fear of another civil war if Trump is re-elected.