The Masked Talent Of Alysia Sims


Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-chief


Alysia Sims has been sewing for about four years now, she has sown everything from an Alice in Wonderland dress to tops and has now taken on her next challenge… masks. She  recently opened a mask business selling a variety of colorful, creative, and unique masks with prices as low as $5 dollars a mask! She can also make custom designs embroidered on the mask, those prices range anywhere from 10-15 dollars (depending on the difficulty of the design.)

“I became inspired to masks because it’s a need for everyone right now and having a reusable mask is much better for the environment than disposable masks. I also wanted to make masks that were safer and affordable,” she says cheerfully.

Since COVID 19 began, pollution rates have increased. More masks have ended up in shorelines and oceans than any other year. This is horrible for our earth, reusable masks are so much more affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

All of Alysia’s designs are made with lots of love and care. She takes her time with each mask to ensure customer satisfaction and durability. She says, “I really do love all the designs, I think they’re fashionable, and anyone can wear them!”

Please check out Alysia’s business helping not only your community, but your earth as well. You can message Alysia via Instagram @alysia.sims for more information, or to place any orders!