The Blanket That Hugs You Back


Mario Reynaga, Reporter

The weighted blanket took the internet by suprise.

A weighted blanket weighs from four to twenty-five pounds depending on what you are going to use it for. It is known for alleviating anxiety and high blood pressure, and helping anyone with anxiety or sleeping problems.  It is a proven fact that the weighted blanket cures anxiety according to Janet Kennedy, a clinical phycologist who specializes in treating people with sleeping disorders. She says that once you are wrapped in a weighted blanket, you feel as if somebody is “hugging you back,” and feels as if somebody is warming you up.Pendleton 7 lb. Weighted Lap Blanket

The blanket works by putting consistent pressure that can simulate the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that simulates a feeling of well being and security so that you feel safe. The weighted blanket also helps with sensory processing disorders, insomnia, autism, and restless leg syndrome, so it helps a lot of people.

Using the weighted blankey can cure a lot of things, but it comes at a cost. And I’m talking money. There are diffrent types of blankets based on the weight of the blanket and the texture that it is made out of, making prices vary. You can find them online or you can go to your local Walmart or Target, but it will always depend on which one you get and how much it weighs.