Covid- 19: A Blessing in Disguise? 


Jaydah Griffith, contributor

Covid- 19 was an unwanted intruder who took away all the things that made human life thrive. Something no one expected to ever live without, was the first thing to go: social interaction. This pandemic left people without jobs, stuck at home, and isolating themselves to remain safe. It was a rough time for many people, who saw this as a complete disruption to their lives. But there were others who decided to take this set back, and turn it into a step forward. Junior at Sahuaro, Angelina Ortega, was one of those people. When asked about something good that happened during quarantine, she said: “Discovering who I am as a person.”   

Angelina found time during the last 8 months to really find herself and think about her future. One of the first things that occurred to her when normal life slowly came to a close is that she might not make it to eleventh grade. But she wouldn’t accept that, and like a sign from the universe, she was being given the opportunity to fix it. She made sure to put in the work and keep her grades up.  

 Angelina also got the time to reflect on the things that were important to her and learn valuable life lessons. “Everything happens for a reason.” She told me when asked about anything she regrets:. “I have none.” The severity of this pandemic opened her eyes to the beautiful gifts she’d been blessed with, like family or even breathing itself. There was no time for her to be hooked on past mistakes and wants, when now she had the chance to start thinking of all the possibilities ahead. She even said that in the future, she wants to open a foster center or shelter to help people in need. Giving back to her community is now a morale she will enforce in her life. Angelina often thinks back to when her family didn’t have much, and how she wasn’t living too different from people who were homeless. And as somebody who remembers how it felt to be trapped in a situation like that, she wants to help as many people as possible so they don’t have to feel that way either.  

       Another morale she found true to herself during this time, is that at the end of the day you’ll always have yourself. “Even the people you love can hurt you.” She said, reflecting back on past experiences and what they now mean to her. The start of coronavirus was a very confusing time for everybody. Nobody saw it as an hidden opportunity, or a time to really reflect on life, and at first neither could she. But somewhere in the midst of trying to navigate it, Angelina found who she was and everything she stands for.