Love of Music: Jonah Lamont

Love of Music: Jonah Lamont

Abby Holmes, contributor

Jonah Lamont would have started this school year as a junior, but is actually a senior. He has taken extra classes online throughout the summer and the school years to be able to graduate a whole year early to pursue some of his other passions. 

Some of Jonah’s interests are music and film making. Jonah has eight siblings and lots of cousins who he enjoys making short films with. However, Jonah’s main love is music. He loves everything to do with music. He loves to make his own music and listen to different artists especially The Killers, Keane, and Guns N’ Roses.  

Jonah’s love of music began at about the age of 11 when he started playing the trumpet. The trumpet is the first instrument he learned, and he said the reason he decided to play trumpet was because his older brother Dylan played trumpet and he thought it was cool. After trumpet, Jonah learned piano, then guitar, then drums. Jonah has been playing piano for about 5 years and has had lessons, but likes to just play for fun and he doesn’t really like reading music. He likes to figure it out on his own and play by ear. He is a self-taught pianist, drummer, guitarist, and producer of music. Jonah has taken instrument lessons, but he says, “music teachers are the worst,” and feels he learns better on his own. He said his main inspiration is his cat Winnie.

Jonah and his brother always thought it would be fun to make music like The Killers. In 2019 they put together a band. The band he is in is called Anthemic consisting of himself, his brother Dylan, and one other guy. Dylan and their other band member, Nathan, graduated from Sahuaro in 2019. They have released 8 songs since forming the band. Jonah is also the proud producer of the songs. He said, “From a producer’s standpoint it is very advanced,” referring to all the editing. “When I got bored at school, I would just go to YouTube and watch tutorials on how to produce music.”  In their various songs Jonah plays piano, drums, guitar, and even sings a little. His brother Dylan is the lead singer, plays bass, and occasionally plays the guitar. Nathan plays lead guitar. Their first song was released on April 17th, 2019. Anthemic’s newest song “Living in Another Time” was released October 8th, 2020 and Jonah says it is his favorite. If you want to check out that song go to