10 Things That Make Amanda Happy

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  • TRAVEL- Once again, it’s the thought. Now that I’m 18, I love planning future getaways with my friends and even starting to save for those dreams. Whether it be a day trip to Phoenix, or a month-long vacation to Europe, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my wanderlust. I love looking back at old pictures from New York, California, and other places too.

  • CONCERTS- Even though concerts are not technically going on right now, it’s the thought of future concerts that fills me with joy. I love reminiscing about old concerts and experiences and dreaming of new ones. I recently “attended” a virtual concert for AJR tiled “One Spectacular Night” and boy, was it a spectacular night. Since I didn’t get to go see them for their Neotheater Part 2 tour, this experience filled that void. My parents also got me Disturbed/Bad Wolves tickets for August, so I can’t wait!

  • PAINTING- Painting is somewhat like journaling, but I get to express myself artistically and creatively. Staying inside is the safest option, and painting is more accessible than going to Target. It’s something I can distract myself with for hours on end, and express emotion and creativity.

  • JOURNALING- Being able to write out my thoughts and emotions has helped me cope with stress for a while now. Especially since I can’t always go to the mall with a friend when I’m upset and need to talk, I can write things down to help myself think through any hard situations. It’s relaxing and therapeutic to always have that outlet, no matter what is going on in the world.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY- Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine. During these times, taking pictures or seeing pictures makes me feel more connected to society. Seeing a picture of my grandma in the sweater I got her for Christmas or me taking a picture with my co-workers at work makes me feel better about the abnormalities of life. Pictures capture moments, even when you can’t be in those moments.

  • MY DOG- Calvin is the loyalest boy and he’s kept me company throughout the pandemic. Whether I’m doing homework or just watching Netflix, he’ll be there laying next to me. I absolutely love my dog and he makes me so happy. Seeing him play with a chew toy or eat a treat makes me happy and I’m so thankful to have him.

  • SUNSETS- Sunsets are always beautiful in Arizona, but there aren’t a lot of beautiful things recently. I can always count on a sunset to put a smile on my face. There’s usually one every night, so I always have something to look forward to. Each sunset is beautiful and different in its own way.

  • LONGBOARD- Longboarding has become an escape for me. I’m learning something new, getting some sunshine, and having fun. I’ve wanted to learn for such a long time now. I can either skate on my own for some me time, or skate with a friend to spice things up. I haven’t learned something new and on my own in a while, so this really makes me happy.

  • MASKS- Some believe they don’t work and they’re just a nuisance. I don’t despise wearing them because it’s making me safer, the people around me safer, and they can be really cute! I just turned a negative into a positive and bought really cute masks with Mickey Mouse, sharks, cacti, and Care Bears. It’s also fun to color coordinate outfits and makeup with masks. (Wear your masks! :))

  • WORK- My job and the people there have kept me sane recently. When I clock in, I can forget about all outside stressors and just focus on working and having fun with my co-workers. I’ve made some really great friends there, experienced unforgettable things, and made good money. I’ve had so many laughs and made great relationships with so many people there.

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Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief