Camila Magallon: Every High School Girls’ Bestie


Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-Chief

A girl’s biggest challenge in High School is finding a way to look stylish and feel confident 24/7 without constantly buying overpriced mascara and stick on nails that’ll only last a week! Unfortunately for many of us, looking the best we can is completely out of the budget, but fear not, because Senior Camila Magallon is here to save us ALL!

“I want everybody to look and feel their best all the time,” she said excitedly. Camila started her business in the Fall of 2020 and it was an immediate success! “I wasn’t getting as much customers as I do now, but it was definitely a great side job.” Camila is now working two jobs, but she is happy to do so. “I just love to see everyone’s face at the end of the session, whether it’s nails or lashes. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Especially when other people come to me because my clients recommended me!”

Camila started her buisness because her mom deeply influenced and inspired her.  “She’s the main reason I learned,” Camila laughed, “if it wasn’t for her I would’ve never gone to Mexico and taken the beauty classes!” Furthermore, Camila does not regret her decision, she loves to make everyone happy and confident using her talent!

Even though her nail and lash jobs look amazing, they weren’t always that easy to do. “It took me at least 3 months of practice to get the lashes exactly where I wanted them!” she admitted. “The nails were a hassle as well, but I got them down much quicker in my first few sessions which took me 5 hours to complete, but I eventually got them down to 4 hours, and the 3! It definitely takes a lot of time and concentration for both,” she says.

Camila’s prices range anywhere from 40-50 dollars for a full set of lashes and 25-35 for refills. Her full set of nails start at 25 dollars (price varies depending on design exc.)

If interested, please contact Camila via Instagram @camis.lashandnails