The Person That’ll Put Tucson On the Map


Malachi Hatfield, Reporter

Jayvion (JJ) Jackson is a junior at Sahuaro who, in his free time, makes songs about his own experiences in life. He has a unique sound to his music; it’s more often on the melodic side than not. He started making music a couple years ago, posting his first song ‘Bandoh’ to SoundCloud in late 2018. He didn’t start taking it seriously until around October of last year though. His first song to really gain traction was ‘Hurt Yu!!’, which he dropped in early December 2020. In this song he puts himself in the place of a guy who just wants to treat a girl better than her current boyfriend does. He talks about how the boyfriend doesn’t put in effort, and how he doesn’t “deserve” her.

His most popular song to date is ‘Made By Me’ with almost 8k plays. In this song, he again talks about his love life, but this time it’s about how he made a girl who she is…as well as how he gets his revenge for her treating him wrong. It’s really the epitome of “toxic” music. When asked what his favorite songs of his are, he answered, “It’s really a toss up between ‘Love 4 U.’ and ‘KARE 4 US.’ because of the emotion and background behind the lyrics.”

As of February 11th, he has 17.5k total plays on SoundCloud, but with his potential and the right person coming across his music, he could quickly blow up. He has a very mainstream, yet fresh sound to his music. I’ve never personally heard any other artists quite like him.