, My Go to For Jewelry, My Go to For Jewelry

Malachi Hatfield, Reporter

Kai Williams is a Sahuaro grad who has a passion for making jewelry. He’s been doing it since he was a kid, along with selling his art on T- shirts. He just recently started making a brand out of selling his jewelry though. He wants the jewelry to be the “pusher” for his brand at the end of the day. Kai tries to make everything he sells affordable, but good quality. He stated, “I’ve always been the kid to go to thrift shops and enjoy how much I could purchase with so little, so for my business I value not charging someone something that I wouldn’t pay.”

He only made certain rings and bracelets at first, but he’s recently started to make necklaces as well as accepting special orders. Every single piece of jewelry is made by hand, usually made out of wire. Majority of the time, he’s his own model for his products. He truly benefits from it though. “Seeing my items on myself gave me confidence. They say, ‘When you’re the owner of a business you have to sell yourself.'”


Although it’s is an added bonus, he doesn’t do this for the money. “I’m doing this for the fulfillment and joy it brings me because I have no guidelines. I’m getting experience as well as profiting off of it.” Just having the brand to fall back on has made life after high school way easier for him. “Once you find your purpose or niche, it’s peaceful because you have a goal. It might be a struggle to get there, but when you’re in the middle of making money and providing for yourself, trivial situations are nonexistent because you are focused only on the end goal.”

I highly recommend checking out his Instagram page. I myself have bought products from him and I wear them almost everyday. Even if his products aren’t your thing, all of his products are very affordable. It could cost you only two dollars and a repost to support a local business.