Belicia Lynch: The Cougar Crossover Podcast

Belicia Lynch: The Cougar Crossover Podcast

Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Belicia Lynch

While being online can be very stressful and challenging, there are still many ways to stay connected with your class and know the “what’s” and “who’s” of everything going on! Thanks to senior, Belicia Lynch and her Co-Host Quinn Riley, The Cougar Crossover is our very own student-run podcast where we now have insight to what’s going on at Sahuaro.

Belicia is not only the founder and creator of this student-run podcast, but is also involved in Student Council, as the Student Body Corresponding Secretary. When asked why she wanted to start this podcast she replied with, “During quarantine, I began to dive into different genres of podcast and realized how cool it would be to start one with our school and keep students connected a bit.”

She even has featured guests on the podcast who discuss the what’s and who’s of Sahuaro, “So far a mix of both upper and lower classman such as Quinn Riley (senior), Isabella Lopez (senior), etc.” She goes on to say how, “We’re hoping to continue to have more students and even teachers and admin involved.” The Cougar Crossover has already had 150 views on their videos and you can find them on Youtube as well as social media platforms so keep an eye out for that! When filming Belicia says, “We struggled with creating a schedule after the first video came out, but after taking a break, we now have a solid plan of filming ever other week.” Be sure to clink the link here to watch any upcoming or new podcast!