More Than A Library with Mrs. Krieg


Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Ahhh the library, the sweet sweet smell of old books and dust. A place that’s more than just a hangout spot, but a way to enjoy the little things, like a hard copy of your favorite book. Maybe time to study for that last minute final in your class.  Whether it be study time or reading time, Mrs.Krieg has big plans for Sahuaro’s library. Many students, including myself, had no idea the library was still open even during this difficult time of hybrid learning, however when walking into that cool enclosed space, I felt a sense of nostalgia float past me as I began to image the days where the library was jammed packed with students reading, studying, get the “shhhh” and side eye from previous librarians, it was all a great experience that can still be shared throughout the years!

The schools library

The only librarian there is to thank for the continuation of this space for students is Mrs. Krieg, the founder of the “Cougar Hangout” which is a digital online study for students to come and enjoy each other’s company while have a free space to study. While speaking with Mrs. Krieg, she had many goals in mind for this library in the future, she goes on to say how, “I plan on having a Lego wall, with actual Legos like Google does as a way to create whatever students feel.”

The library drive materials!

Not only is the library open to all students and faculty, but it’s a resource center for those who need things like shampoo, conditioner and other products to use like folders, pens, amd notebooks. She says her, “Students in the past came up with this idea and have been trying to add onto it since then.” Online book club might sound like something of a myth, but this year Mrs. Krieg says, “You can be so flexible with technology and in person,” and while trying to get everyone invloved in things like reading at the library again or using the time to study she goes on to say, “How can we make the librabry more significant for the student body?”

Our very own Sahuaro alumni Mrs.Kreig who’s also been working here since October of 2019, simply wants her main goal to be, “Bringing back the love of reading, and making this library a great home community feeling.” Thank you so much Mrs.Kreig – The Paper Cut wishes you the very best!